Parent.hood by Design


Because it KNEW, you’d be the best person to raise them.

Now that you are aware of this, HOW are you raising them?

We're in a society where the unsexy work, reconditioning and re-parenting is the norm.


Seeing your children for WHO they are, not who you expect them to be. Who you are told they should be?

How many times have you said..." Why can't you JUST __ (sit still, be like your sister, learn this, try harder....)

Can you feel the shame. Guilt. Suppressing and unhappiness.

Instead of raising crushed souls, we get to shift this.

It's New Age Parenting. The Paradigm. Leadership within the family. Creating a Generation of abundant, loving, understanding, compassionate, innovative, passionate, free, happy, confident, adults who see another's power and praise it, without out belittling their own.

Understand your child. Who they are.

Drop your expectations of THEM.

And of YOU.

You finally get the Instruction Manual, for each of your children, specifically for THEM, and you get to raise them in a way that works - for you, for them, and benefits the world.

Happy, Expressed, Emotionally Intelligent. Powerful. Loving, Accepting, Confident tiny little humans.

You have this privilege. It should be an honour.

I cannot wait to lead you through the most powerful, 4 hours of your life, which will literally last a life time and create the ripple affect the world is craving.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Parent.Hood by Design

    • Course Overview

  • 2

    Parent.hood Part 1

    • Energy Type and Strategy

  • 3

    Parent.hood Part 2

    • Authorities, Profiles, & Centres

  • 4

    Parent.Hood Artwork

    • Workbook

What You're Getting

4 hours of recorded training on how to parent your child by their design, PDF Parenthood by Design Book, and an Artistic Simplified Breakdown of the calls so that you can implement the information into your life and see changes in you and your child right away